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131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass - with valve, Series 131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass -with valve

131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass - with valve 131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass -with valve

131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass - with valve 131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass -with valve

131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass - with valve 131 - nominal flow diameter 9,0 - brass -with valve


Single-handed coupling with automatic 5-point locking with balls. Coupling occurs by pushing the plug connector in until the locking balls catch audibly. The uncoupling process is started via the release sleeve; the valve plug connector and the valve coupling are returned into their original position.
Couplings for tempering according to the european profile.

Areas of application

Pressure range

The coupling can be statically loaded up to 15 bar without pulsation.

Materials coupling

Basic body, release sleeve, valve and connection brass
Pressure springs and retaining rings AISI 301
Balls AISI 420

Materials gasket

Seals made of fluorine elastomer (FPM)
Hardness of material 70 Shore
Temperature range -25°C through +200°C
Temperature range -25°C through +300°C (allowed for short periods)
Gas permeability coefficient (Ø)= 3
Resistant to mineral oils, fuels, chlorinated hydrocarbons, synthetic hydraulic fluids, hot air and many chemicals (on request)

Materials connection

Connector and support disc brass
Pressure spring AISI 301


The plug has a thread that is nickel plated according to DIN 228.

Please take note that the functional safety can just be guaranteed with a STEINCO-plug.
Alternative products can be used, too.

Female coupling (short) accordning

ConnectionLL1SWVentilOrder number
G3/829922mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AGK38.M0V

Female coupling

ConnectionLL1SWVentilOrder number
G1/447,5921mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.IG014.M0V
G3/8511221mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.IG038.M0V
G1/2mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.IG012.M0V

Male coupling (45°)

ConnectionLL1SWVentilOrder number
G1/442,5922mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AG014.M0V
G3/842,5922mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AG038.M0V
G1/245,51224mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AG012.M0V

Male coupling (90°)

ConnectionLL1SWVentilOrder number
G1/455922mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AG914.M0V
G3/85510,522mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.AG938.M0V

Hose tail coupling

ConnectionLL1VentilOrder number
LW1036,525mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.ST010.M0V
LW1336,525mit Ventil131.00.K0NS.ST013.M0V

Coupling with Stick/Hose Connector (45°)

ConnectionLL1VentilOrder number
LW105223,5mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.SS410.M0V
LW135226mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.SS413.M0V

Coupling with Stick/Hose Connector (45°)

ConnectionLL1VentilOrder number
LW10mit Ventil131.00.KB0S.ST910.M0V
LW1345,527mit Ventil131.00.K0NS.ST913.M0V

blind coupling

ConnectionDD1SWOrder number

Male plug

ConnectionLL1D1D2SWOrder number

Male plug with valve

ConnectionLL1D1D2SWOrder number

Hose tail plug


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