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How to choose the appropriate castor.

Several criteria determine the selection of the appropriate castor for your specific application. Please consult the following information concerning the most important characteristics to determine the appropriate castor for your application. We also invite you to contact our experienced sales team for further technical support.

Dynamic load

Load capacities indicated in this catalog are determined in accordance with European standards EN 12527 to 12531. For safety reasons, we strongly  recommend calculating the weight of your mobile device including load and divide the total by three. This will provide the appropriate dynamic capacity per castor required for a device using four castors.


Castor configuration, i.e., single or twin-wheel, wheel diameter, tyre material and bearing configuration are all factors that affect maneuverability. In general, larger diameter wheels will roll and manage obstacles more easily than smaller wheels. Softer tyre materials are appropriate for hard floors whereas harder tyres should be selected for soft floors or carpeted surfaces. The ­type of wheel bearing has significant influence on ­mobility. We recommend ball bearings as first choice.

Starting and rolling properties

The force required to move a swivel castor into travel direction and begin rolling it is known as starting resistance. This is influenced by load, castor configu­ration, wheel diameter, tyre material, type of bearings and finally, floor conditions. A twin wheel castor is advantageous if high load capacities are required. All of these factors need to be balanced. We appreciate your inquiries and are pleased to assist you in selecting the appropriate STEINCO castor for your application.

Environmental factors and conditions

Corrosion resistance: We specify only high quality composite materials (i.e. polyamide, polyurethane).  This provides for long service life and prevents discoloration. Steel parts such as casings, ball races etc. are zinc plated and offer protection against corrosion. Temperature changes, humidity and certain cleaning agents may influence corrosion.

If required, we offer machine washable and stainless steel castors. Please inquire regarding  your most challenging applications. Conductivity: Conductive castors made by STEINCO ­provide dissipation resistance lower than 10000 Ohm to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Influence of temperatures: Temperature extremes can potentially damage the materials used in the manufacturing of our products. Please contact us to determine suitable product for your application.

Chemical resistance

The chemical resistance of our castors and wheels depends on mechanical, chemical and thermal con­ditions. The chemical resistance chart ­provides basic criteria that may be used as a guide, but does not guarantee suitability of any particular ­material. The product selected should be evaluated in your specific application.

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