Dear Sir or Madam
Dear Business Partner

The corona crisis keeps the world in suspense and is a huge challenge for all areas of daily life. We are confronted with new reports and official statements almost every hour, which then immediately appear in our everyday life and must be integrated in order to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens from damage to health.

STEINCO got in touch with our suppliers very early on, in order to ensure the supply of materials and components as much as possible. 

The very high vertical range of our production is a big advantage under the current circumstances. We have good control of our parts supply through our in-house production.

There are also many additional topics that we are dealing with, such as logistics (e.g. availability of containers) and also some internal restructuring of employees, who have been working in their home office to a reasonable extent. Wherever possible from the daily routine, our employees work in two shifts. Recommended minimum distances between employees, where possible, are achieved by relocating the workplaces.

Visits to customers and the reception of suppliers are prohibited until further notice. Instead of using e-mail communication, we increasingly use telephone or e.g. Skype conferences.

We all hope, of course, that this situation will soon be over.  Until then, we ask for your understanding if there may be delays in certain cases. STEINCO works with all efforts to avoid this as far as possible.

We thank you for your support in these difficult times!

Stay healthy!

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