The focus of our company are 200 dedicated and very well trained employees. Their expertise sets the standard for innovative thinking and first-rate execution and forms the basis for a long-term partnership.

Cooperation with the  Wermelskirchen Diakoniestation

In the wake of demographic change, STEINCO decided in 2012 to work with the local Diakoniestation in Wermelskirchen.
This cooperation is intended to offer STEINCO employees both the option of professional advice and solid support in combining their employment with simultaneous care and support for elderly, disabled or sick relatives. The Diakoniestation supports the referrals of individualized aid packages and closely works with nonprofit and commercial institutions to ensure the best consultation and support for the advisers.  Additional information about the work and care network is available at


Trainings, informational events and internal language classes ensure continuing employee development. STEINCO employees are therefore offered a chance to optimize and expand their knowledge. Since our employees are the driving and innovative force of our company and its success, the education of young, talented people is particularly important to us. STEINCO therefore has for years trained young junior employees in many different occupations. Our training program includes both business and industrial occupations.